CARPE DIEM | BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU | We have 3 branches in Tokyo.

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Please bring the following with you when enrolling at CARPE DIEM BJJ.

1. Completed Application Form. This can be obtained from CARPE DIEM BJJ.

2. Enrollment Fee (Cash or credit cards).

3. First Month’s Membership Fee. Membership Fees are calculated from the first to the last day of a month. Those people who join after the first of the month will be asked to pay a relative percent of the first month’s fee. For example, someone joining on the 15th would pay 50% of the first month’s fee.

4. Credit cards or for Japanese Bank Account holders: Bank cash card. Monthly Membership Fees for CARPE DIEM BJJ are processed through monthly automatic bank transfers from members’ accounts. It usually takes one month from the time of registration for the banking information to be processed, so members are asked to pay for the first month of membership at CARPE DIEM BJJ in cash. From the second month, monthly fees will be withdrawn automatically from members’ bank accounts.

Free Trial Lessons

Interested people may join one of our group classes for a free trial lesson at CARPE DIEM BJJ. Please contact Yuki Ishikawa to arrange the time, date and location. If you are coming for a trial lesson, or for your first few lessons, you don’t need to bring anything. We will provide you with a Gi (the traditional Jiu-jitsu uniform) and a towel. We have change rooms and shower facilities. Soap and shampoo are provided.

Free Observation of Lessons

Visitors who want to see what we do at CARPE DIEM BJJ are welcome to stop by at any time to observe one of our classes. No prior appointment is necessary, although we ask that you not disturb the class upon entering/exiting. Our staff will be pleased to answer any questions you may have before and after the class.

Dojo etiquette

Here's a quick overview of the etiquette we like to follow in our dojos. These aren't "rules" so much as what we think of as proper decorum in the dojo. We believe all of these are within the bounds of common sense, and we hope you'll agree.


Joining Fee 10,000JPY + tax
8 Day Membership 13,000JPY + tax/Month(Aoyama/Mita) 16,000JPY + tax/Month(Hiroo)
You are able to train at 1 branch up to 8 days a month.
Fulltime Membership 16,000JPY + tax/Month(Aoyama/Mita) 20,000JPY + tax/Month(Hiroo)
You are able to attend all classes at any one branch (Aoyama/Mita/Hiroo).
Master Membership 30,000JPY + tax/Month
You are able to take all classes at all Carpe Diem branches (Aoyama/Mita/Hiroo)
Women's Membership We offer memberships to women exclusively at our Hiroo, Mita dojo. The 8 Days membership is 13,000JPY + tax per month(Hiroo) and a full-time membership is 16,000JPY + tax per month(Hiroo).
A full-time membership is 10,000JPY + tax per month(Mita).
Student Membership 12,000JPY + tax/Month(Aoyama/Mita) 15,000JPY + tax/Month(Hiroo)
You can take any class at 1 branch.
Kids Membership 10,000JPY + tax/Month
Kids aged 4 to 12 years of age can take any Kids Class at 1 dojo
Kids Master Membership 12,000JPY + tax/Month
Kids aged 4 to 12 years of age can take any Kids Class at 3 dojo
VISITOR PASSES 3,000JPY/1Day 5,000JPY/2Days 7,000JPY/3Days 10,000JPY/1week 15,000JPY/2weeks 25,000JPY/1month

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Private Lessons Yuki Ishikawa 12,000JPY/1h
Masahiro Iwasaki 10,000JPY/1h
Tomoyuki Hashimoto 10,000JPY/1h
Tomoshige Sera 9,000JPY/1h
Thomas Mietz 9,000JPY/1h
Kazuki Watanabe 8,000JPY/1h
Koya Okazaki 8,000JPY/1h
Rida Haisam 8,000JPY/1h
Keito Oyanagi 7,000JPY/1h
Daiki Yonekura 7,000JPY/1h

There is an extra ¥1,000/hr charge for non-members and all prices include tax.
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Kimono Rental (with towel) 1,000JPY
Towel Rental 100JPY
Kimono Cleaning & Private Locker Service 10,000JPY + tax/month(Aoyama/Mita)
20,000JPY + tax/month(Hiroo)

This service allows you to keep your Kimono at the dojo. When you finish training just throw your kimono in the basket provided in the change rooms and the staff will wash, dry, fold and put your kimono in your locker. This service includes the use of a rental towel. And so there is no need to bring anything when you come to the dojo. Of course you can also keep other stuff such as supplements in your locker too.
Membership Suspension
Resigning Membership
Changing Membership
Temporary suspension of membership will incur a 2,000JPY/month administration charge. Resignation where membership is in arrears cannot be accepted. In all cases please make requests before the 10th of the month. For example, if you wish to resign or change membership at the end of May, please notify us by May 10th.

If you pay one year in advance the membership only requires an 11 month payment (1month discount!)

Members seeking to train at one of our other dojos can do so by paying ¥1000 per day. There is no need to let us know in advance.
Each dojo is closed one day a week. On those days all members are welcome to train at one of our other dojos free of charge.
If you train with a dojo other than CARPE DIEM and want to train with us, please send us an email to let us know in advance.
Failure to do so may mean being unable to train with us, so please don't hesitate to make contact first!

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